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April 29, 2023
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Self-Discovery is Soul Journey

I’m finally back after a longer, instead of shorter, break between my last post and this one. In the time that has passed I’ve claimed a new truth about what I’m offering with this work.

I’ll start by being honest about this pause – I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block. The source of said block was trying to write from a voice of what people might need to hear, and not from what I have to say. I realized it was yet another topic I’ve coached clients through, but was not holding that mirror up to myself. I was sitting in soul misalignment - trying to create from the place of how it’s being received, and not from what I feel called to share. I couldn’t write with my ego running the show, but I’m so grateful it happened as it has been a huge light-bulb moment for me about this work and why I’m so passionate about it.

One of my foundational truths is that I don’t want to be anyone’s authority or guru. I want every individual to claim that power for themselves. #selfauthority #beyourownguru. For many doing this type of work means they sell an image of having it all figured out. I’m proud to say that I do not have it all figured out. It’s part of the thrill of being a living human for me – having the ability to experience new things that allows increased knowledge and expansion. My feeling is I’m alive, so I’m in process and that means that at times I will feel stuck, bump up against a limiting belief, stop being inspired, or act in ways that no longer serve. When this happens the feeling is something has to change. In order to make that change and work through I embrace - Self-Discovery.

In a focused period of self-discovery, it’s a time when we discover new and deeper truths about ourselves. We come to know more about who we are, what we desire, how we want to feel, and who we want to be. We unearth triggers, blind spots, and understand what we don’t want and what dims our light. I’ve shied away from naming it out right until now, but for me self-discovery is a journey to connect to the soul. I’ve recently updated my profile on LinkedIn and dubbed myself a Soul Personal Trainer. I’ve chosen this title because life coach never seemed to fit, and while transformational coach was closer, it also never felt quite right. Yes, this kind of deep change is transformational, but it is also work. I’ve longed for a title that acknowledged not only the change, but also the work it takes. With this new title being proclaimed I also thought it was time I went on the record about what I believe it is I do.

I’m a guide, space-holder, and champion aiding clients as they cut away to reveal the true self and the motivations behind the way they operate, so that they may claim themselves and stand in their own self-authority. What I ask when someone begins to work with me is that they make a real commitment to change, and to the process of it for themselves. There is a certain level of determination required in order to make a lasting change. It is a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis, and there are moments where one is nothing but goo. Because of this it can’t be all Good Vibes Only, but what it can be is real and true. This is Soul Journey – awakening and embracing the soul of the self so one can stand in their truth to connect and create in the world.

When I say soul, I get 50% of people buying in, and 50% of people backing away from the table. The back away is always because people think I’m going “woo-woo” or spiritual, but in truth that has nothing to do with that. In fact, it’s something much more personal and deeper. Soul in my vernacular doesn’t deal with religion or spirituality. When I say soul, I’m talking about the source-code of each of us as beings. It’s the part of us that allows us to be individuals. The operating center that holds our imagination, desires, driving forces and consciousness. Simply the place where “who we are” originates. What could be more important for each of us than being connected to this part of ourselves? I say, nothing. Imagine a world where everyone is living from that sort of deep truth and self-knowing, and not from external expectation or demand. I hold that it’d be a kinder, more equitable, and joyful place.

In my work as soul personal trainer I invite everyone to embrace their own journey of self-discovery. See how you show up when you operate from the truth of who you are. What are you capable of when you allow yourself to truly be you? How do you relate and connect with others? What do you create and put back into the world?

As always, I love hearing from you. Click over to the Connect page and send me a message, or drop a comment below.

Until next time!

T xo