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Artists, Creatives, and Founders face both unique challenges and opportunities. In choosing a creative path, and doing so from an authentic place one opens up to perceive and feel. This way of being allows for a lot of external input. Over time it may feel as if the volume is turned up on external ideas, perceptions, and direction; which can numb creativity and may cause ones work to become personally unfulfilling and/or underwhelming. While many of us choose to keep our heads down and keep going; what we’ve really done is slip into survival mode. In this place of producing while shying away from what we feel and why we act, our personal wisdom, desire, and outlook is dulled.

If this resonates with you or has manifested in your life you may be feeling stuck, have a creative block, and/or be experiencing a general lack of passion. Don’t worry! There is support available to you, and these feelings don't have to be a permanent state of being. Transformational Coaching is an ideal container for new self-discovery or rediscovery. It is for you if you are missing out on the rewards of deep connection, high creative vision, or passionate purpose. It is also for you if you feel like something is missing, that you need a change, or you're unsure of what comes next.

If you are ready to create change for yourself this is an invitation. Coaching is an ideal tool to connect with the what and why in your life, and to ignite and live from your true spark.

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With a combined 15+ years in presenting, producing, and management of creatives I am uniquely positioned and deeply passionate about co-creating a vision with you that aligns with your truest desires both personally and professionally. I endeavor to give all types of artists, creatives, and founders a safe and creative space from which to work. That place is first and foremost created in your internal environment. To tend to the internal environment we must be willing to go through process. The process I speak of is one of transformation in which I will honor, support, and guide you to cultivating a realized connection to self. With this connection you will trust your own voice, have confidence on your path, and stand in your own power. Operating from this new foundation will allow you to not only effectively connect to yourself, but also to your close community and beyond that the world. I invite you to imagine the impact you can have.

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What Clients are Saying

To have such an insightful coach who can help you to distinguish those emotions that are balled up inside, to help you untangle them, to recognise how valuable you are and to then be able to actually witness yourself grow as all this unfolds has been a truly awesome experience, one that I know will continue to ripple outwards from here. I cannot thank you enough for all the coaching your provided me with.

Mhairi Mackenzie-Allan, Creative Business Owner

"Working with T is like having a rigorous Olympic coach by day and the softest pillow at night. She will push you past your stumbling blocks and yet provide a comforting place to land - because both are necessary for personal growth. T understands that our deepest breakthroughs occur when we go beyond the safe limits of our known internal world. And yet, she will help build your confidence and faith in yourself - which is the true safety net we look for when taking big, scary leaps. She will push you and catch you all at the same time! It’s the best kind of balance, and in working with T, your personal breakthroughs are never far behind.”

Kelly Maglia

My experience with T was simply that under her consistent and steady guidance, I felt safe enough to shift how I saw my role in my own experience. Transcendental, transformative, sure, but more importantly, grounded in a deep subtle knowing, an ever-expanding kindness which helped me establish an open-door policy with my own inner knowing. I cannot recommend her enough, because her approach is refreshingly elegant and I am a better friend to myself as a result of her coaching

Stephanie Sutton
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